Frequently Asked Questions About your Appointment

What will happen at my appointment?

You will have your vision checked and usually some drops put into your eyes to dilate the pupils. This will allow a full examination of the eye. The doctor will ask you about the eye problems you are having now and find out about any previous eye problems. You will then have a full eye examination on the slit lamp microscope. You may need additional tests and scans, which can usually be done during the same visit.

May I drive to my appointment?

It is not recommended that you drive, as the dilating drops which we often put in your eyes will blur the vision. It is helpful to get someone to bring you to your appointment or travel by public transport.

What do the dilating drops do and how long will they last?

The dilating drops (typically Tropicamide 1% , Phenylephrine 2.5% and/or Cyclopentolate 1%) enlarge the pupil of the eye. This allows more light to enter the eye and can give symptoms of glare and make you sensitive to light. It also makes the vision blurred, especially for near tasks like reading. The effect lasts for several hours, usually about 4 hours for most patients.

Will I receive treatment the same day?

In some cases, it is possible to receive treatment the same day, if you wish. This is the case for Yag and retinal laser treatments and intravitreal injections. Bigger procedures such as cataract or retinal surgery will need to be planned for a future date. We can usually give you a provisional surgery date at the time of your appointment.

Conditions of the Eye

Eye Surgery

Ms Evgenia Anikina has a wide experience in the following procedures and surgical treatments:

Intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF agents and steroids
Secondary lens implants and lens exchange
Vitrectomy surgery
Scleral buckling surgery
Pneumatic displacement of sub-retinal haemorrhage
Retinal laser treatment
Yag laser treatment

Please see the following for more details about surgery:

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